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Project: Investigating Immersion – A 3D game

v/ Specialestuderende Morten Brandrup, Mads H. Jørgensen, Steffen Thorlund
With Experience Lab as the physical foundation for creating experiences, we are working with the Unity 3D graphics engine to create an engaging immersive gaming experience. We aim to develop a game that utilizes each of the available technologies that Experience Lab consists of, and to use these technologies to maximize the immersion of the gaming experience.Up until now, we’ve used the computer game Unreal Tournament(1), and special software developed by Public VR(2) called CaveUT, to make a quick and easy demonstration of some of the capabilities of ExperienceLab’s cylindrical screen.

What we yet have to figure out in Unity is how to display a single game on multiple screens in order to be surrounded by the game world. Secondly we will make use of gesture tracking, to use body movements to control the game. As of today computer games are still solo experiences in terms of viewpoint. Each player in a multiplayer game interacts from his or hers own screen. In Experience Lab we have the option to place two or more players in the same game environment and cooperate on the same screen.

1 Unreal Tournament is trademark of Epic Games, Inc.

2 Is a non-profit organization dedicated to research in virtual reality for education. Our contact: Dr. Jeffrey Jacobson, Ph.D., Director PublicVR,  jeff@publicvr.org,http://publicvr.org/html/about.html