For students

Experience Lab collaborates with students to create installations and other designs for experience. Students can carry out their own projects or participate in Experience Lab as interns.

Student project collaboration

Graduate students who are interested in working with Experience Lab, can participate with a research project. You can either formulate your own project within the themes of interest of Experience Lab or you can participate in the ongoing Experience Lab research activities. Examples of ongoing research inquiries which are relevant for graduate student projects are: how to design good interactive experiences; how users engage with augmented or mixed reality environments; how to stimulate interest in the natural sciences through virtual reality applications; how to create immersive, collaborative and interactive games.

With your project, you will formulate a research inquiry, plan and carry out a research project and communicate your findings to the Experience Lab community of peers, professionals and researchers. Your project will be self-directed and the collaboration will provide an excellent opportunity to work with the integration of knowledge and methodologies from various disciplines. During your research project, you will be a member of the Experience Lab team: you will be able to participate in the lab activities and get to know the researchers and their work. At the end of your research project, you will communicate your project findings to the community.