Roskilde University Årsfest 2013


The annual celebration at Roskilde University was the occasion for all of us in ExLab to show the new design of the Experience Cylinder constructed by Engelbrecht Construction A/S. Three groups of guests joined us in the lab for a presentation of our work and research.

Morten and Ates are working hard to prepare the presentation of a 3D model of the solar system in the new ExCylinder:

2013-09-20 14.35.45

To show our visitors that traditional media and technologies are also part of our work and research Bjørn presented the sketches from his many visits to Italy. The sketches and the model below is meant to be the content of a “hybrid” of an interactive book and an interactive exhibition. Bjørn is currently working together with Henning and Morten to realize this idea:

2013-09-20 14.36.57

The height of the ExCylinder is 4 meter it was therefore a thrilling experience to wait for the moment when it would show if the installation was too tall and big for the lab:

2013-09-03 11.27.13 2013-09-03 09.32.48 2013-09-03 09.40.24